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There are so many lingerie sets in the modern world. Every cutie can choose panties and bras to her taste. Alina Lopez believes that high panties, leather stripes and golden chains underline the beauty of her sexy hips, flat tummy, natural tits and, of course, her round butt. She admires the beauty of her gorgeous body in the mirrors when she walks out into the yard and caresses every inch of her curves outdoors. When her pussy is wet enough, she goes back into the house and gives her man a deep kiss. Excited lad returns the favor by giving the hot blonde many squirting orgasms in a row.

  • Release Date Oct 17, 2019
  • Duration 36:37
  • Photos 132
  • Views 126 259

CLK9218 on Jul 20, 2023

Alina's apex scene of her career - thank you for this and also - BRING BACK VOGOV!!!!!!!

Admin on Jan 2, 2020

We will consider your wishes in the following videos. We hope you enjoyed watching this video. Thank you for your comment.

JockeX on Jan 2, 2020

This scene has some lovely squirt to mouth! Markus is such a lucky guy. I wish I was there to taste Alina's love juices. If I should point at something to improve, keep the camera steady and make sure Markus' head is not obscuring the view.

Admin on Nov 9, 2019

Thanks for your comment! We are glad that you enjoyed the video.

Dypsis6 on Nov 9, 2019

Fuck Alina is hot - A nice pussy fucking scene - more please.

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